This is the blog paige where I will be documenting my experiances over the next year.

What I Will Be Doing This Year

I have been in Indianapolis for two weeks and I have finally settled in and have started working with the sites that I will be with for the next year. I will be splitting my work week between two sites, Tabernacle Presbyterian Church Rec program and Habitat for Humanity Restore. Tabernacle is a church that started a Rec program 90+ years ago and serves the Indianapolis community in a number of different ways. My main responsibilities while working with them will be to assist the Rec director and assistant director of the church in making sure that the soccer, football, and basketball programs run smoothly and without incident. This program is not run in service to the congregation specifically and in most part is used by non-church members. It allows the participants to take part in sports at a much lower cost than most other programs, and it allows those who would otherwise intimidated by the church or uncomfortable taking steps towards God’s community an option that they are more at ease with to be part of a church in some capacity. It creates fellowship and builds community for people who would otherwise be disconnected.
The Habitat for Humanity Restore is a retail store through which Habitat Indy funds many of it builds. It works similarly to Goodwill in that it collects donations and resells them. It only collects industrial donations though, anything from sinks to light fixtures to chairs. I would be working to collect the donations, identify their value, and assist with selling them. Along with financing the builds that Habitat does, the Restore is also the connection point in many ways to the larger community that Habitat interacts with. The Restore interacts with thousands of people per year and it allows them to find people wo are in need of help, and those who are willing to volunteer.
I hope this gives anyone who was wondering what I will be doing for the next year an idea what my work is going to look like. Until next time, Chance.